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Kirinari Community School closed down at the end of the 2016 academic year.

3 May 2017




Kirinari Community School continues to provide alternative educational options.


Although Kirinari Community School ceased to operate as a standard day school in 2016, it has kept intact its core mission to provide alternate educational options for young people. Kirinari seeks to support a “community centres for children” model. The current facility is available for hire by educators, tutors and groups. Kirinari staff are also investigating options for playgroups, holiday programs and workshops aimed at teens for the local community.


In conjunction with Home Education Association’s SA branch (HEASA), (www.hea.edu.au a core body for home educators across the nation) Kirinari is seeking to develop a place to call home for the many home schooling families in the state.  Kirinari wishes to act as a central location from which home schooling families and their children can support each other and develop collective resources. Beverley Paine, long time home education practitioner and supporter commented, “Exciting to see an incredible and homely space as a permanent base for home education families to connect and learn together here in the centre of Adelaide.”


Programs designed for home school families will begin in Term 2 along with the development of a drop in centre. This is an extension of the already vibrant home education community utilising the flexibility Kirinari always sought to offer in their educational program.  HEASA is planning an open day for the 10th May from 11am-3pm at Kirinari. All are welcome to attend with many demonstrations and activities planned for parents and children.


There has been a 70% increase in families registering to home educate in the last decade in SA. New families often reach out needing support in the early days as they make decisions around methods, curriculum and the logistics of managing a new, often demanding family routine. Kirinari will be a place they can come to meet other families, participate in educational programs and do workshops to build confidence and skills. Part-time schooling may also be an option in the future.


Kirinari is also pleased to welcome The Gold Foundation, www.goldfoundation.com.au, to 18 Trimmer Terrace UNLEY. Their objective is to connect children with Asperger Syndrome to the world around them and have been making a difference for children, their families and the community since 2008.


Another exciting innovation that is in development is a program of self-directed learning. This is planned for teens in which teens are matched with mentors who share a passion for their particular interests. In many instances, this is what home education for teens looks like but it is hoped students beyond the home schooling community could have access to this model of engagement with learning.


Kirinari would also like to take this opportunity to specifically acknowledge and thank the ANZ Bank and its staff and the Unley Council and its staff for the support it received last year from these organisations. This support has enabled our facility to remain currently available for the benefit of children and their families, the Unley and South Australian communities and for Kirinari to continue to be involved in developing and delivering positive educational outcomes for children.


Kirinari is also pleased to advise that it has been able to provide some support to Dara Village School, www.daravillageschool.com.au, through a donation of teaching equipment and materials, as well as a small cash donation to the GDAY Foundation, www.gdayfoundation.org.au . Both these entities are relatively newly formed and seeking to support children and families in specific areas.  Kirinari looks forward to seeing these entities thrive.


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